CDA(S) Diving Safety Seminar 2015

CDA(S)’ second Diving Safety Seminar 2015 was held on 25th September 2015, at the Singapore Polytechnic.

The Seminar, organised by the CDA(S) EXCO, and supported by the Singapore Maritime Academy, attracted participants from the commercial diving industry as well as delegates from the aquarium diving and scientific diving communities.

Chairman Abdul Malik started the Seminar by a talk on “Safety Leadership in Commercial Diving”, emphasising the importance of leadership on the success of any WSH programme.

The Seminar has presenters from CDA(S) members, from across the commercial diving, marine and oil & gas Industries.

The Seminar’s programme was as follows:

Chairman address
“Safety Leadership in Commercial Diving”
A. Malik
Chairman, Commercial Diving Association

MOM-approved Commercial Diver Training Course
Alan Hardy
Commercial Diving Specialist / Trainer
KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd

Safety of Divers – responsibilities of Vessel crews
A. Malik
Group QHSE Manager, Mencast Holdings Ltd

Emergency Management of Diving Accidents
Dr Kevin U-Jyn Chan
Chief Medical Physician -Offshore, Maritime, Hyperbaric, Commercial Diving &
Aviation Industry
Flinders World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance
FEMA Clinic & Surgery

Dive Equipment Assurance
Commercial Diving Association

Question & Answer Session