January 21, 2019

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Commercial Diving Association (Singapore)
Mailing Address:
22 Jalan Novena
Singapore 308681
Tel: +65 9689 5071
Email: chairman@cdas.com.sg
(The mailing address is only a letterbox)

Corporate Members Associate Members Industry Partners
DISA Singapore Pte Ltd
Subsea and Marine Services including commercial diving, ROV and Survey
Website: www.disa-international.com
Email: info@disa-international.com

Dive-Marine Services Pte Ltd
Underwater Inspection Repair & Maintenance Services.
Website: dmgroupservices.com
Email: contact@dmgroupservices.com

Divetech Marine Services Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving and Underwater Maintenance Services.
Website: www.divetechmarine.com
Email: sales@divetechmarine.com

International Marine Ind. Diving Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving and Underwater Services
Website: www.imidiving.com.sg
Email: intlmarine@singnet.com.sg

KBA Marine Services Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving and Subsea services for the inland/inshore marine and construction industry
Website: www.kbamarine.com
Email: divingenquiries@kbamarine.com
Tel: +65 6542 0939

KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd Commercial
Diver training & Occupational Safety & Health Qualification Courses
Website: www.kbatraining.org
Email: courses@kbatraining.org
Tel: +65 6542 4984

Master Tech Diving Services Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving Services for Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Industries.
Website: www.mastertech.com.sg
Email: mail@mastertech.com.sg

Mencast Subsea Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving, Rope Access and Survey Services.
Website: www.mencast.com.sg
Email: subseasales@mencast.com.sg

Mola Subsea Services Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving and Underwater Services
Website: molasubsea.com
Email: info@molasubsea.com

ST Divers Technics Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving & Marine Engineering / Construction.
Website: www.stdivers.com.sg
Tel: +65 6748 7337

T & T Salvage Asia Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving & Salvage Services
Website: teichmangroup.com
Email: ops@ttsalvage.com

UMC International (Far East) Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving & Marine Services.
Website: www.umc-int.com
Email: umc.seasia@umc-int.com

Underwater Contractors Pte Ltd
Ship Repairing & Marine Diving
Website: www.uwcontractors.com
Email: uwcon@singnet.com.sg

Underwater Shipcare Pte Ltd
Commercial Diving & Underwater ship maintenance
Website: www.uwsc.com.sg
Email: divers@uwsc.com.sg

West Squadron Marine Services Pte Ltd
Underwater Diving Projects and Services
Website: www.west-squadron.com
Email: wsms@west-squadron.com.sg

Advanced Marine Pte Ltd
Manufacturer, Supply, Rental and Servicing of Commercial Diving, Underwater Construction and Marine Equipment.
Website: www.advanced-marine.com.sg
Email: admar@advanced-marine.com.sg
Tel: +65 6265 8122

Flinders EMA Pte Ltd
Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Services.
Website: www.flindersema.com
Tel: +65 6854 3720

JFD Singapore Pte Ltd
Manufacture & Supply of commercial and defence diving equipment and saturation diving systems
Website: www.jfdglobal.com
Email: sales.apac@jfdglobal.com
Tel: +65 6546 2844

Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd
Manufacture & Supply of Products and Services to Commercial/Military Diving and Marine/Land Survey
Website: www.sea-landtech.com
Email: enquiry@sea-landtech.com

Unique System (SEA) Pte Ltd
Manufacturer and Supplier of marine and commercial diving & life support equipment.
Website: www.uniquegroup.com
Email: fareastsales@uniquegroup.com
The Commercial Diving Association (Singapore) is also supported by the following Industry partners:

The Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Employees Union (SMEEU)
Website: www.ntuc.org.sg/wps/portal/
Tel: +65 6299 2926

The Employment and Employability Institute (e2i)
Website: www.e2i.com.sg
Tel: +65 6474 0606