Dear CDA(S) Members,

1. As per the Commercial Diving Association (Singapore) Constitution, notice is hereby given for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 14 days (or more) hence. The CDAS will be holding the AGM 2017 at the date and address state below. I invite all current and recently lapsed members to attend the AGM to discuss the mandatory AGM matters and other issues affecting our Association. I also invite those who have expressed interest in CDA(S) to me to attend as well as observers.

Date: 20 June 2017 (Tuesday)

Time: 10.30 am

Venue: No. 15 Changi North Street 1, #01-36 I-lofts @ Changi, Singapore 498765 (the premises of KBA Pte Ltd)

2. This year’s AGM does not require the Nomination and election of the Executive Committee (EXCO), as EXCO elections are held every two years. However, a few EXCO members have retired or moved on to other projects. If you would like to nominate a member (including yourself) as an Ordinary Member to the EXCO, please complete the attached Nomination Form and return to the Secretary (Richard Tan of KBA Marine) or to me (by scan or printed copy) 3 days before the AGM.

3. Only members who have renewed for 2017 are allowed to vote or to be nominated. Individual members have one vote for each nomination, corporate members have three votes per nomination, and associate members do not have a vote. Members who cannot be present in person may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf, preferably in an email or other documents. Members who have not renewed thus far, you can do so on-the-spot at the AGM.

4. Members are welcome to invite guests to the AGM, in particular guests from the commercial diving industry or industry partners.

5. Attached also please find the Agenda for the AGM 2017. If there are any other items you would like to add, please let me know.

Best regards,
A. Malik | Chairman
for Commercial Diving Association (Singapore)