New Guidance Doc “CDAS-GD-03 Verification of Certificates”

  1. CDA(S) members have been reporting to our Association a few instances of divers presenting diving certificates that have either been altered or are forgeries. This is not just a local occurrence; HSE (United Kingdom) and ADAS (Australia) have both identified divers with forged certificates, some of whom have turned up in Singapore. This can mean, for example:
    • A diver with an otherwise genuine certificate has altered the lapsed expiry date, or
    • The certificate is an outright fake, manufactured on a home computer and printed at a shop.
  2. Needless to say, there is a serious safety concern with forged diving certificates – lives are at stake. Further, the WSH Act and Penal Code has a specific sections on forgeries of certificates, which details the infractions and penalties involved. In case of any accident, the legal consequences can be severe.
  3. Members are strongly advised to carry out your due diligence in assessing the validity of the divers’ certificates, not just of new hires and freelance divers, but in your existing pool of divers as well. Over time, members can build up a list of verified freelance divers and rely on these verified divers.
  4. One robust way of verifying a diving certificate is to contact the issuing body directly. CDA(S) has prepared a list of the issuing bodies of the certificates which are commonly found in Singapore (CDAS-GD-03 “Verification of Certificates”). The issuing bodies encourage employers to contact them for verification, as they too wish to maintain the integrity of their certifications. This new Guidance Document has been uploaded to our website (in the “Downloads” page) for easy download and reference.
  5. This way the diving industry in Singapore can maintain and improve on the safety and professionalism of our industry.