CDA(S) Diving Safety Seminar 2014

CDA(S)’ inaugural Diving Safety Seminar was held on 6th May 2014, at the spacious Woodlands Regional Library Auditorium.

The Seminar, organised by the CDA(S) EXCO, led by Chairman Edwin Tan, is probably the first Diving Safety Seminar organised in Singapore by Commercial diving companies and divers.

In-coming Chairman Abdul Malik started the Seminar by outlining the founding and milestones of the Association, founded to promote safety and professionalism in the commercial diving industry. The Chairman also thanked the outgoing and founding Chairman, Edwin Tan on his effort and perseverance in promoting CDA(S) since the Association’s founding.

The Seminar has presenters from across the commercial diving, marine and oil & gas Industries.

The Seminar’s programme was as follows:

Commercial Diving Association (Singapore)
Chairman CDA(S)

1430 hrs Commercial Diving in Singapore: Legal and other requirements
Mr Abdul Malik
QHSE Manager, Mencast Holdings Ltd

Accredited Commercial Diver Training in Singapore
Mr Darren Brunton
Vice-Chairman, Commercial Diving Association (Singapore)

Making the grade – Compliance to Shell HSE Standards
Capt. B. Jayakumar
Head, Marine Department, Shell Eastern Petroleum Ltd

Training and Competence Development of Divers in JSL
Mr Chiam Toon Boon
Engineer Dock Operations i/c diving operations
Jurong Shipyard Ltd

Diving Medical Examination and Certification
Dr Kevin Chan
Medical Director of Flinders EMA Pte Ltd

Question & Answer Session