IMCA Asia-Pacific Meeting – Singapore

CDA(S) Chairman A. Malik was invited to speak at the IMCA Asia-Pacific Meeting on 27 Nov 2018. In his presentation, he shared with the IMCA members the legal requirements for commercial diving in Singapore and the steps they should take to ensure the safety of the divers working on their vessels.

Although IMCA’s focus is offshore diving and support, IMCA members do operate many vessels of different types (Offshore support vessels, survey vessels, work barges etc.). Sooner or later, these vessels will come back to home base and often require basic ship husbandry diving works to be carried out inshore.

Bill Jordan from CDA(S) member Advanced Marine Pte Ltd also spoke at the meeting on Acoustic emission testing technologies which can be used to test pressure vessels in support of diving operations.

Details will be posted in our Newsletter and photos of this meeting can be found Here.