September 11, 2016

Diver Accreditation

Professionalism and Recognition

Safety is the central pillars of the Commercial Diving Association (Singapore). The Association is tasked with establishing and ensuring safety standards through the industry.

To this end, the Association does not work in isolation but in cooperation with the Workforce Development Agency and Ministry of Manpower (see “Safety”).

In order to establish, maintain and upgrade these safety standards, diver training and certification is central. CDA(S) is hereby pleased to announce that in conformance to Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) standards, KBAT will be introducing four levels of MOM accredited training.

kbat_flyersm 396sm
396 CSCUBA Diver
397 SSDE Diving Supervisor
405 SDDE Diver Level 2
406 CSCUBA Level 3

This will also cater to those already in the industry, as CDA(S) work to recognize experience of divers, where every diver can look towards training, certification and continuing learning opportunities.